Pop’s Beef Food

At Pop’s Beef, we take great pride in the quality of the food served to our customers, and for good reason. Our beef is sliced fresh every morning and then cooked for three and a half hours.

During the average week, Pop’s sells anywhere from 1,000-2,000 pounds of beef per location, along with fifteen to thirty gallons of our homemade hot giardinera. Our 100% beef hot dogs are a unique blend, the recipe took us over eight months of trial and error to create and is specific only to Pop’s. Our grilled chicken is marinated, tenderized, and charbroiled before being served to ensure it is both tender and delicious. On a typical day, our morning begins at four or five when we start slicing and cooking the beef, then prep the various sandwich toppings so the restaurant is ready to open for the lunch rush. It takes us every bit of the six to seven hours each morning to properly prepare the restaurant to open at 11AM. It is our determination to go the extra mile, and our dedication to quality, that set Pop’s above the rest.